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Look, I’m a professional nail artist, not a hair stylist or colorist, but I am an avid consumer of hair products and have had my hair professionally colored, cut, bleached, or styled too many times to count.  I found a little something for everyone at this years Cosmoprof Asia 2016 hair gallery inside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.  There was a lot of ground to cover so I made a goal to pick a favorite product for each of the basic hair woes.  I’m talking about the most common hair problems that all of us, men and women, have either experienced ourselves or know someone else who has.  Let’s get started, keep in mind I’ve listed these in no particular order -_*

DAMAGED // GOZ Ojon Instant BB Carribean Hot Oil

Hailing to us from Brazil, this subtle little bottle of gold offers total recovery, nourishing and repairing very damaged hair. The base of this clever mixture is amino acid rich, Batana aka Ojon oil.  It is joined by Camellia, Sun Flower, Vitamin E, and Avacado oil that offer combined benefits of anti-aging, repairing, soy protein, UV protection, folic acid, powerful anti-oxidants, Alfa-Tocopherol, and many more minerals.  On top of that, Instant BB oil heats up and changes from oil to milky warm jelly for your hair, right before your eyes.  Chemistry is pretty cool huh.  It hasn’t been easy to find this gem online or otherwise, so luckily I snagged 2 from Venacio at the GOZ booth ^_^

DANDRUFF // Dr. FORHAIR Folligen Easy Swab

Among all of the Korean based Humajor hair products, this one is said to be one of the best selling. Ezpz scalp cooling menthol swab, immediately removes oil and impurities, therefore removing any dirt or impurities that might be irritating the scalp. The answer to any number of issues that might be causing dry scalp and dandruff.  Sea Buckthorn Root and Clay, partnered with rehydrating Jojoba oil and Collagen is the super powers at work here.  What is Folligen you ask?  Well, basically it is a copper peptide treatment for helping hair regenerate.  I was especially grateful for this after a very, very long flight.

EFFORTLESS STYLING // Steam Miracurl by BaBylissPRO 

Admittedly, I seriously have always had trouble curling my hair.  You name it I’ve tried it, hot curlers, curling irons, foam rollers, flat irons, basically everything but a perm.  When I stumbled upon the Steam Miracurl you can imagine the literal bliss I felt and am currently reliving just talking about it.  Seems I’m a bit late to the game, alas there was still no consumer product for easy and quick curling to rival this little blue machine.   Besides, you’re steaming your hair, not pressing it between two scorching hot ceramic plates or bending it between hot metal!  Hair should be so lucky to steam, I steam my face every chance I get, my clothes, and never shy away from steam rooms for my bod.  

THIRSTY // OTTO KEUNIS Argan Oil Masque Treatment

The Australian based brand boasts a fully sulfate and paragon free, Argon oil based line of shampoos, conditioners, hair elixirs, shimmer sprays, everything you need to keep your hair hydrated and extra shiny.  This ultra hydrating mask is rich in fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin E which provides repair and deep hydration and protects cell membranes against oxidation, slows the aging of the hair fiber.  The packaging directs you to apply for only 5-15 minutes after shampooing, but if you’re feeling extra thirsty like I was after traveling, apply it overnight under a shower cap after a good shampoo and conditioner!

GREASY // AMIKA Dry Conditioner 

My experience with Brooklyn-born AMIKA was easily in the top dozen at the convention.  Not only are the products all sulfate and paraben free, but they are covered head to toe in AMIKA’s signature psychedelic print, which is what originally caught my eye about the brand in the Extraordinary Gallery on Level 3 of the good ole’ HKCEC.  I knew I had seen the pattern before, but this time I won’t forget it.  Are you tired of dry shampoos that last mere hours then make your hair look greasy, or is that just me?  AMIKA’s dry shampoo is actually a huge hit but when coupled with their one and only dry conditioner it is the perfect solution to tired, greasy hair.  I should know, I traveled 30+ hours back from Hong Kong and… I still haven’t washed my hair! Gasp!  Ok, well I’ve definitely showered, but my hair has held up! Don’t take it from me, go try it for yourself -_*  

As the total number of exhibitors this year was total 2,698 from 49 countries and regions, I could not possibly make it to all of the innovative hair brands and companies.  I’ve included some links to some information about the fanciest and healthiest hair trends at the convention, not to mention a special piece on the award-winning hair show by the Shiseido Professional Creative Team!

Crème de la Crème of Hair and Beauty Products

Spotlight Healthy Hair Products


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