Cosmoprof Asia 2019 / Forecast

Sitting in American Airlines terminal at LAX waiting to depart for my fourth trip to Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong I am wrought with a fleury of questions, thoughts, and concerns. It feels like I showed up in 2019, slopped on a face mask, took a nap and woke up to the end of a decade.  

In looking forward to the future we must remember that we are already in the future now.  How will what defines beauty this year be any different in 2020?  Familiar sounding articles scream for our attention across the usual beauty publications and channels. “Click here for beauty hacks from fashion week!” Nope. “Nail trends you’ll want to wear now!” For how much longer will we keep rehashing the same trends and calling them new?  How boring! We can’t blame anyone lest ourselves.  In fact bravo, a HUGE pat on the back to all of the disruptors who have brought beauty this far in what seems like only a skip and a jump from the launch of Instagram in 2009. We have really outdone ourselves, it seems that every conceivable look possible has been done and then turned into a face filter, and then replicated back in a makeup look just to be posted on the gram.  Is this as good as it gets? Maybe, but probably not.  

New trends innovate through new technologies that we are certain already exist and are simply being held under heavy security by secretive government agencies.  Microchips for our nails that tell us how many minerals we aren’t getting, or pills you take to change your hair color from the inside out.  Will nail and hair stylists become obsolete in the future? Will I be able to walk into a box and press a button for a freshly bleached pixie cut or whatever my heart may desire? Maybe, probably. In the meantime there is nothing more original these days than being yourself.  Cheesy, but true.  

It’s almost time to board my flight, my custom buzzed summer candy colored tye-dye hair doesn’t seem to especially intrigue anyone around me.  Neither do my multi-colored reptilian textured coffin shaped French tips.  These are new looks for me, but as I profess, everyone has seen everything before! A decade ago people might gawk and ooh and ah but this is just the norm in 2020, I mean 2019, but is there really much of a difference?

Shout out to Los Angeles based rockstar hairstylist Jefferson Tangradi (@GetYoHairDid) and nail boss at large Fariha Ali (@NailJob), who both wanted to murder me the entire time they spent cooking up my fancy looks 😊 That’s right, I admit it, I’m a nightmare client! I can never make up my mind and I can hardly sit still.  Still, somehow, I convinced these two constantly in demand and often overbooked artists to help my nail and hair dreams come to life this year.  Click those instagram handles above to get to their pages for some musing.

As always the Cosmoprof Asia convention floor is calling to me, teasing me with hopes of innovation and progression to share with you soon. Time for me to hop on this flight and travel back to the future, stay tuned 😉 

p.s. Here’s a photo dump of my hair in process by Monty aka (@monty.rec

More photos and videos come soon !


Miss Handly

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