It’s Winter Somewhere

This season I tended to steer away from the predictable, collective holiday color palette, like bright reds and greens.  Since I’ve done a lot of traveling leading up to the holidays I feel like my choice colors were influenced by the places I visited, from the streets of Kuala Lumpur to the Straights of Malaca, the skyscrapers in Singapore, and now the sky above me in Hurricane, Utah, where I’m passing through on my way to Colorado.   I also just worked with beauty blogger Kathleen Lights on her debut nail polish line KL Polish so I couldn’t help adding a few of her colors to the mix because they are just that perfect for this winter!  Not to mention all of the 2017 color palettes and products I got to preview at the GIANT beauty convention I just went to in Hong Kong, Cosmoprof Asia.  

In fact, one of which made it onto this short list of my winter polish picks, the limited edition Centdegrés x Fiabila x Groupe Pochet collaborative nail polish, dubbed In’Pressive nails.  The bottles and polish colors were designed to look like raspberries!  

I couldn’t resist naming some of my favorite metallics including Azature, who makes what has become my go-to gold polish and not just because there are real diamonds in it.  

Then we’ve got another choice beauty brand, Ciaté London, featuring their newest delectible rose gold polish!  

Last but never least, Christmas came seriously early when my girls at Deborah Lippmann sent me an insane beauty haul including nearly every damn color you could think of.  

Although it was very hard to pick favorites, I was drawn to the blues and greens of the new Gel Lab Pro Collection.  Get your hands on these shades people, they won’t last!


Miss Handly

Nasty Nail Colors

It’s fall and I’m ready for some nasty nature toned color palettes.   I’m saying that those gross colors you might typically steer clear of, look great on your nails, in your closet, and maybe even on your face.  For instance, the other day I spilled some yellow curry on my pants and it looked like baby vomit, no joke.  But I couldn’t help but think to myself, damn that mustard yellow shade would be tight on my nails.  Seriously, get into those muddy browns, puke greens, mustard yellows, and murky grays.  Actually, it’s a bit of what most camouflage is made up of, isn’t it?  I just love these unlovable tones right now what can I say?  Check out some of my choice fall toned nail polishes below ^_*


Some of the polishes below are sadly out of stock or no longer available because they’re such dope colors, but be sure to keep your eye out for similar shades or if you’re feeling creative, mix your own colors!


Miss Handly

Cosmoprof Asia 2016 / Nails!

So many nails, so little time!  There was literally no possible way I could have seen all of the nail companies spread between some 1,966 booths at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center last week, but you know I tried!  Seriously, there were 650 new exhibitors this year, insane! My main goal was to catch the 4th Official Like My Nails Facebook Contest winners and Hong Kong Professional Nailist Union Competition, hosted in the Nail Hall on the 5th floor, see some photos of the winners in the slideshow below.  I’ll be including a short video of the fantasy and sculpture nail art contestants in motion in my next post ;) !

So how did I navigate this never-ending sea of nails?  For starters, I stopped for anything that caught my eye, although I did have some go-to products in mind, I was really on the look out for nail products and tools that I use a lot or that clients and friends are always asking about. 


I am always, I repeat, ALWAYS looking for a longer lasting hard gel.  I’ve been pretty hooked on Gelish LED cured hard gel for a couple years, before that it was Young Nails, and before that just Presto Clear Gel.  The list is short because once you find a good one it’s hard to move on.  Santa, the Project Diretor of BLUESKY Nails was nice enough to give me a personal tour of their newest products and colors.  When Santa said their hard gel would hold gems with NO TOPCOAT, I was beyond skeptical.  But I tried it, low and behold, the gems are still on my nail, over a week later! Besides the hard gel, BLUESKY offers all your favorite gel colors and effects from temperature changing to cats eye, and every color in between.  It’s no surprise that BLUESKY although based in China is expanding fast through Europe and beyond ^_-


Over 13 years since it’s conception and O’2Nails is STILL the number one nail printer on the market, at the salon and at home!   At the O’2Nails booth this year, the company was proud to showcase their smallest mobile model to date, available in several custom colors.  There seem to be more designs and possibilities than ever as I preceded to print a meme of Bernie Sanders on my pointer finger and a print of my favorite new photographer Ren Hang on my middle finger.  If you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for?  You can literally print ANYTHING on your frickin’ nails.  Not obsessed enough to get one for yourself, if you’re in an urban area chances are one of your local nail salons has one you can visit.


A long time fan of this company and the spectacular array of nail art accessories they offer, I was excited to stop by their booth and see what was new.  Their new metallic nail striped nail stickers mean you no longer have to use pesky metallic striping tape, a real time saver.  I was mostly lost in the sea of their uniquely designed nail stickers, ranging from little animals, fast food, pin up girls, probably anything you could think of, they’ve made into a sticker that will fit on your nail.  NailWay is just the coolest, I could go on and on but you can see their full catalog which includes every size shape and color of the best quality nail tips, nail art accessories, gel, polish, stamping plates, glitter shapes, just click here and all will be revealed… 

QUICK&EASY // La Senta

The future is here now with 1 step peel off gel and fully designed press on nail tips.  China-based manufacturer La Senta, provides its clients, some well-known beauty brands, with these high-quality products and complex designs.  You can look like you spent a couple hours at the salon in less than 10 minutes.  I really LOVE press on tips, it’s all I use for shoots and I can usually be found wearing them on a night out if my nails aren’t feeling so hot.  I found a plethora of these cute little life-savers at the La Senta Nail booth, where they also gave me a quick demo of the 1 step gel you can actually peel off your nails, with no damage! Finally a gel I won’t cringe at the thought of clients and friends peeling off of their natural nails.  This is usually is a big nail no-no because most gel would peel off at least the top layer of your natural nail as well, yikes!


This UV-LED Curing Lamp is a delicate looking lil’ thing with loads of features, including the ergonomic rotating function for protection, sliding function for toenails and touch sensor.  It may be tiny but this high-quality LED curing lamp finishes the curing process for gel polish in seconds. Can you say easy to carry and store?  Also, yes it comes in at least 3 different colors so you can pick your favorite!  Gel on the go, yes, that’s actually a thing now.

EMERGENCY TOPCOAT // Kinetics Nano Shark Nail Treatment

Although it was started in the USA, Kinetics soon moved its headquarters to Europe, where its products are manufactured today.  Before reaching the market, every product passes intensive tests conducted by professional nail artists. This specific therapy forms a ceramic nano-shield to instantly improve nail condition, providing instant help for severely damaged nails. When used as a top coat, Nano Shark hardens your nails over the nail or gel polish! I actually ended up using this when I tore the tip of my nail while repacking my suitcase.  Thanks to this treatment my nail lasted over 20 hours of traveling before I could repair the tip properly back at home.


O’2Nails Nail Menu



Kinetics Shark Nail Treatment

La Senta 1 Step Peelable Gel

La Senta Decoarted Nail Samples

In’Pressive Nails

Nail Sculpture Competition Winner

Nail Sculpture Competition Winner

Fantasy Nail Art Competition Winners & Nail Models

Nail Art Sculpture Winners & Nail Models

Manicure & Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art Competition Winners

Grand Champion of the Competition!!!

Flat Art Nail Tip Design, French Manicure, One Tone, & Gel Manicure Competition Winners


Fresh inspiration is always in short supply!  Imagine my surprise to encounter the one and ONLY nail art magazine based in South Korea!  NAILHOLIC is a fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and culturally rich monthly publication that caters to nail obsessed readers and pros looking for tips to improve their style and business.  In this world of over-exposure, anything that amuses us is priceless! Be sure to swing by their website to check out their nail art gallery, I could scroll for days.  I am especially into their unique cover designs, a few of which I’ve included here!


We all love a little luxury in life and that is exactly what the fine folks at Centegres aimed to give us with In’pressive nail experience in the Extraordinary Gallery.  The endeavor is an exquisite creative collaboration of Centdegrés, Groupe Pochet, glass manufacturer, Fiabila, nail polish expert, and Beauty Streams, a trends agency. Basically, a raspberry has been sculpted into a block of glass and 3 unique gourmet colors have been developed to achieve the perfect harmony between the concept and the realization.  Wrapped into a trendy beauty pouch, the nail polish also came with a beauty passport notebook that gathers in an innovative way the 3 different color universes.  Luckily I found this trippy video to better explain what went into this work of art!  After be sure to check out my nail highlights video at the very end of this post ;p 


Miss Handly

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